Privacy policy

Each brand within the Sunwing Travel Group (STG) has adopted a privacy policy applicable to personal information collected in connection with the business conducted under that brand. Each such privacy policy may be accessed by clicking the following links: Sunwing Vacations, SellOffVacations, Signature Vacations, Luxe Destination Weddings, Vacation Express, Royalton, Memories, Grand Lido, TravelSmart and NexusTours.

Any personal information provided by you to STG, including but not limited to any personal information collected through this website, may be disclosed to our affiliates and is treated in accordance with the applicable privacy policies of the brands for which you have provided such personal information. To the extent you provide STG personal information that relates to more than one brand, each brand’s respective privacy policy will apply in respect of the collection, use and disclosure of such information as it relates to that brand, both by STG as well as its affiliates.